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by Dickkicker

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These were supposed to be released on splits, but none of them panned out, so we're just gonna put 'em up here for ya.


released November 9, 2011

Recorded at Black Bear Studio
Cover photo by Barbara Georges




Dickkicker Tallahassee

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Track Name: Blackwater
I saw you like I saw myself
All wrapped in despair
But small minds swarm like flies to swine
And you caved in
And the sins that your parents carried
Found their way to the son
And that gutter, when it called your name
You sank to the bottom

You took the easy way out
Sacrificing open thoughts for
Those who came before you

I thought that I knew you
Like I knew myself
I thought that I knew you
I guess I don't know myself
Track Name: Lipper Freech
What's your name?
What's your game?
It's nothing
It's a shame
It's a shame
We can't be

Touch the ground
Swallow regret
Today's the same as before
Nothing changes
Track Name: Sonic Youth is Boring
A generation
Coded in 0s and 1s
Does anyone else
See where this is going?

A society
One fingertip away
From losing everything
That they've come to live for.

A whole life wasted
For the relief of few
A lie created
For those who seek the truth

I don't want this
I don't need this

I can't afford to
Lose myself
Again and again
Like I'm not worth anything